8th Grade Well Wishes

Parents of 8th Graders….
Remember to purchase your 8th Grade Well Wish for only $10 when you order your yearbook.

8th Grade Well Wishes are a $10 add-on to the price of a yearbook. Your 8th Grade Well Wish will be submitted online at community.lifetouch.com using the Access Code ALAZBC. Be sure to submit your Well Wish photograph and dedication to Lifetouch by February 15, 2019. You can submit 1 image for your student and images must be at least 300 dpi. Please note that only .jpg or .tiff images are accepted.

Please follow these steps for Uploading your Photo and Dedication:

2.Enter the Community Image Upload Site Access Code:  ALAZBC
3.Upload your image. Images must be at least 300 dpi and only .jpg or .tiff images are accepted.
4.Type your student’s name under the Keywords.
5.Type your dedication text under the Description.
6.Change the category to 8th Grade Well Wishes