PTA Reflections 2022/2023

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What is the Reflections Program?

This is a great way to show your talents and create an art piece that will leave a lasting memory on all those who look at it.  Be brave and show us your talents…who knows…you might change the world with it!



What is the theme this year?

This year’s Reflections theme is “Show Your Voice”.


What are the categories?

Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography and Visual Arts 


What are the rules?


Spanish Guidelines

Dance Choreography

Film Production


Music Composition


Visual Arts Category


Can I enter in more than one category? 

Yes, but only one art piece per category.


When do I turn it in?

The deadline is December 12, 2022 12:00PM

***Some will be electronic. Others will be at the office, but it depends on the category you are in.


What happens next?

Get started on an art piece, and make sure you fill out the application. Then, after you turn it in, wait for the judges to choose the top three pieces from each category. Then the winners will go to the Jefferson county level. If you win there, it will go to a state level, and you will compete against all in Colorado. If you win there, you will go onto the National level.


Who can help me if I have more questions?

Students must follow both the general rules and the art-specific rules. You must fill in an Entry Form complete with an artist statement and parent signature. Be sure to check with your local chairperson for school deadlines and any questions you may have.  Many of the teachers are familiar with Reflections so reach out to them. If they are not sure, you can always reach out to Amber McConnell.


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