Manning PTA Committee Chairs and Members


Committee Description Volunteers
Battle of the Books Annual reading program. Member(s) – OPEN
8th Grade Continuation Plan and organize the continuation ceremony. Chair – OPEN
Member(s) – OPEN
8th Grade Picnic Plan and organize the end of year picnic. Chair – OPEN
Member(s) – OPEN
Fundraising Lead fundraising efforts outside of silent auction. Chair – OPEN
Members – Lynn Rittgers and Heidi Hill (need more!)
Reflections Annual PTA arts program. Chair – Denise Saxon
Member(s) – OPEN
Scholarship Annual college scholarship program. Chair – Cora Rice
Members – Jill Wilde and Elizabeth Dehm
Silent Auction Annual fundraiser. Chairs – Aimee Morozs and Ashley Ward
Members – Erin Allen, Lynn Rittgers, Heidi Hill, Kris Kraft and RJ Mauro (need more!)
Staff Appreciation Appreciation events throughout the year. Hospitality Chair – Marcia Guadagni
Member – Erin Allen
Appreciation Week Chair – Laura Velapoldi
Member(s) – OPEN
Website Keep PTA site up to date. Chair – Cindy Jones
Well Wishes Coordinates 8th grade well wishes for the yearbook. Chair – Erin Allen
Yearbook All aspects of yearbook creation & sales. Chair – OPEN
Layout Editor – OPEN
Photography Coordinator – OPEN